Glizelda, Mariana, Ophelia, and Jean have been stuck in a castle together for a long time. A very, VERY long time... *** The characters in this podcast are vampires and behave as such. If you feel that you might find vampuric activites (screams from the dungeon, the odd sexual reference, etc) offensive or triggering then this might not be the podcast for you. Otherwise enjoy, Vamps fan! *** CREDITS: Vamps is written and performed by Debs Wardle Series One & Two: Effects from (individual effect attributions coming ASAP) Series Three: The Firefighters are voiced by Nick Fleetwood Music "The Paladins Underworld" by Shane Ivers from Thunder from Additional effects from

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Saturday Dec 19, 2020

In which we learn that the evidence seems irrefutable.

Saturday Dec 12, 2020

In which we learn of Jean’s veracious tenacity.

Saturday Dec 05, 2020

In which we learn that Glizelda forbidid it.

Saturday Nov 28, 2020

In which we learn of a hunger for cheese.

Saturday Nov 21, 2020

In which we learn that marshes are awfully muddy.

Saturday Nov 14, 2020

In which we learn the collective noun for vamp-napped firefighters.

Saturday Nov 07, 2020

In which we learn of the mannequins.

Saturday Oct 31, 2020

In which we learn that most of Jean’s predecessors actually knew how to clean.

Monday Oct 26, 2020

Vamps Series Three is coming this Halloween - here's a little taster of what's in store...

Thursday Dec 19, 2019

In which we learn Antonio’s next move.

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